Recover, Relax
and Reconnect

About Vibration Corporation

The Vibration Corporation’s aim is to aid clients to relax, recover and  reconnect for a more balanced mind, body and soul life experience . The Vibration Corporation uses awareness of  human vibrational  energy with the aid of  a number of modalities  to  assist the  process  of wellness.

Bohemian-Cosmos Thanni  founded The Vibration Corporation after a career as a solutions architect in the IT industry in the UK, New Zealand and  Australia. Then, he looked at parts of systems, to make sure one component can talk to another component, with use of the right protocols.

Now he uses that knowledge to work with components of the self. He came to understand  what  happens  to people with the stress of life and their environment.  Bohemian analyses how they can re- realign their subtle and physical bodies for energy balance. He recommends the best therapy for each person’s need.

His mission is to help you connect to your inner rhythm and inner child for the mind, body and soul that is relaxed and rejuvenated.