Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy
When you feel ‘low’ or uncharacteristically tired these are signs of imbalance. Chakras control organs, so when part of the body malfunctions, balance can be restored by increase or decrease of energy flow for optimal health.
As a laser can direct light, crystals conduct energy to help neutralise or balance energy in the body. Balance helps us produce the best results in our lives. Crystals’ unique structures direct energy from and to the body as it needs for energy and wellbeing.
Our therapists/ Bohemian uses specific crystals with chakra balance work to clear blockages and restore the qualities of that energy centre to improved function with a body in balance.

Chakra Balance
The body has seven invisible energy centres called chakras with qualities that nourish the human body. When not in balance you may think life is a series of problems, such as tiredness, health problems, work or relationship issues, lack of balance, blocked creativity. Specific qualities can be blocked for a number of reasons, i.e. childhood traumas; cultural conditioning; limiting beliefs; bad habits; emotional or physical injuries.
A chakra balance session will direct energy to those centres to allow your own energy to clear out those blockages , aligned energy centres will allow you to see life more clearly again, listen to your intuition and creativity and work towards your personal goals as life flows freely and easily again.