Bohemian-Cosmos Thanni

Music, Movement and Mindfulness is my Soul

I travel across the world performing as a contemporary afrobe atartist and wellness facilitator. As a wellness facilitaor, I practice the ancient Hawaiian art of Ka Huna (temple style) bodywork and Crystal therapy/chakra balance. I am Heartworks Lomi Lomi instructor and insprational speaker.
As an intuitive body worker I saw that people who sought massage often ask for more than a sense of physical rejuvenation from simple muscle relaxation or sports recovery. People came to Vibration Corporation with sports and physical recovery needs, unaware that stress; depression; injury; grief; illness and other mental and physical problems of mind body connection that cause tension to return to the body time and again.
Now I combine the holistic Hawaiian Ka huna techniques, Heartworks Lomi Lomi with Chakra Balances, and Crystal therapy to unblock and balance the body’s energy centres for a future that is healed.